Group Settings

Settings of your group are set when you create groups and can be edited at any time after.
To edit group settings after you have created your event, go to your group’s page and click on “Edit (Group Type)” in the upper right, in the navigation bar under your group’s cover image.
Basic Info: You should input the name, tagline, description, and address of your group here. The more succinct and attractive your text is, the more appealing your group will be for people to join and help your cause or group. Select your group type for our system to correctly categorize your group and to also let others know what kind of group you are. Select a main administrator for your group (hey must be in the group first). This person will be the “face” of the group, meaning that their photo will be featured on the group’s front page and their contact info will be provided to those who request it. Depending on your tier, you can add multiple admins. To do so, you need to go to the “Manage Users” page. More details on how to make group members into group admins can be found here: Memberships
Logos: Upload your group’s logo (dimensions a minimum of 200px by 200px) to help make your group listing more unique and easier for users to find. Upload your group’s cover photo for a unique look and feel. For best quality, your cover image should be 1210px by 125px. Note that we display white text over the image, so the best results will be a darker image with no text on it.
Causes: Select causes that are aligned to your cause, group or team. When users search for groups, they are able to filter by cause. To improve searchability, select relatable causes to your group.
Social: Fill this information out to enable people to connect you in different social mediums. Connect users to your Facebook and Twitter social networking accounts.
Memberships:  Under “Membership Approval,” you can set memberships to be automatic (anyone can join your group) or require that memberships be verified. As the organizer, you may also specify that the potential member input a verified email. e.g., if you were a student/faculty/staff at University of Texas, your email domain must end with * . So anyone that wants to join your group they must have this email and be verified. Additionally, you may select any number of custom fields for a user to fill out before they may become a member. You may also select some out-of-the-box fields we provide automatically e.g., t-shirt size, SSN#, legal name, allergies, gender etc., the fields may be displayed in a specific order or be required.
Impacts: Set the economic value of impacts your group makes, privacy settings of impacts written, and other abilities regarding impacts.
Settings: Implement search keywords so users can find your group quickly. Make sure to input unique keywords that will help people find and identify your group and cause. Set group display settings like timezone, map, wall, and messages.
Whitelabel: If you have WhiteLabel activated for your group, you will see many options to change the look and feel of your group. Please contact if you have specific questions.

Privacy: A primary group may not be set as private, but subgroups of a primary group may be set in private mode. In the case you need to set a primary group as private, please reach out to

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