Internships enable students to get real world experience, training, and professional development in exchange to contribute and help on project(s) or task(s) for a fixed or limited period of time.

Be it a paid or un-paid internship position, it's important to track interns in terms of where, how long and which cohort is doing what across the city, a department, or a team. 

GivePulse helps recruit, match and track the work interns are doing across multiple disciplines, locations and enables easy reporting to determine their impact. 

To list and manage your Internships, you may leverage the system by going to your Manage Dashboard -> Internships -> Create. 

On the Create Internship workflow, you will be presented with options to complete the details of the internship. In the situation where you wanted to include a link to the internship application you may do so by including the link. Make sure to include all details of the internship. If you want to customize the internship application and leverage GivePulse to oversee the workflow to let people apply within GivePulse, please contact



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