Opt Out of Emails

An individual GivePulse user has the option to opt out of emails from the system by changing the setting under the Account information from your profile menu accessed under your name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen when you are logged in. At the bottom of the Basic Profile page you will find the ability to opt out. 

By opting out, the below are some of the emails you will no longer receive

  • Messages from admins and users who try to communicate with you within GivePulse
  • Comments from other users when commenting on the walls of events and group you are a part of, impacts you created etc.,
  • Invites of events people invite you to. 
  • Miscellaneous emails coming from GivePulse
  • Notifications informing you about impacts that have been modified
  • Weekly updates and insights from GivePulse about groups you oversee (as administrator)
  • Reminder email of a group you have been given administrative access to claim

Emails you will continue to receive after opting out:

  • Event registration confirmation
  • Event reminders
  • Impact verification emails for an event for you registered and participated

If you are an administrator of a group, we recommend you review this article on managing administrative emails.

Note: this will be updated occasionally as we prepare to improve and introduce more settings to control notifications inside GivePulse. 

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