Donor Recruitment & Exposure

If you are looking to increase donors and advocates, you should note the following: 

  • Affiliation: will enable the Admin to find groups to auto-post events and fundraising campaigns into another portal. 
  • Home Page: GivePulse will promote opportunities through our internal and external channels. We do our own internal ranking to decide which campaigns and which groups should get more exposure, e.g., those with mixture of events, a complete profile (i.e., uploaded profile photo, full description, shared across different networks, etc.,). 

Key things to do to increase exposure (all of the below influence your rankings): 

  • Complete your own profile (make sure to upload a profile photo and a profile description)
  • Complete your group's profile (make sure to upload your groups profile photo and include a description about the group)
  • Upload a profile photo and cover photo for your event
  • Share this event on social media and other channels
  • Invite a few people to register
  • Migrate or create an initial base of volunteers and donors
  • Allow us to do the rest or invest more time to beef up exposure on your end
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