An affiliation (community partner) is when one group displays all or some of their events on another group's page. For example, if you are a school or company and you want local non-profits to list all of their events on your page so that your students/employees can find good quality events that you trust, you can request that they be affiliates of your organization. This is a great way to build a community between your organization and other local organizations. 

Note: You may always remove or deselect specific events and opportunities even when they are approved to display all their events on your group.

List and market your group to a larger audience by affiliating

To affiliate, you must be an admin of the group you are trying to affiliate with. Go onto the page of the group you are trying to affiliate to and click the "Affiliate" button next to the group profile photo, above the description and next to the group title. You will be brought to a page where you will select which group you want to affiliate with the group's page you are on now (if you are an admin of multiple pages). You will then choose one of three options: 1) Show their events on my page and my events on their page 2) Only show my events on their page 3) Only show their events on my page

  1. Show their events on my page and my events on their page: This allows you to promote your events on their page and vice versa. 
  2. Only show my events on their page: You are requesting to share the events created by your group onto their group page.
  3. Only show their events on my page: You wish to promote their events onto your group's page.

A request will be submitted with any of these options and you will be notified of its approval or decline. 

Subgroups affiliations

If you oversee a network of subgroups, each subgroup may have their own affiliations, but the affiliations do not roll up to the parent hierarchy, nor do affiliations from the parent group roll downwards to their subgroups.

Manage affiliations

To manage affiliations, you must be an admin of the group. On the navigation bar go to "Network" then "Manage Affiliations." Here you can see your affiliations, what information each party is displaying, who requested the relationship, who approved the relationship, and communication action items. You will also notice there is a "Actions" button at the top right to let you do a number of things.

The key action would be to Create a new Affiliation. e.g., There are lots of instances where you have no existing community partners and you would either want to search and find them or you would create them for you to at the interim to oversee before you hand it off.

To cancel an affiliation go to the right most column and select "Cancel Affiliation" under the dropdown menu.

Note: Private events are not listed for affiliates.

Track referrals from your affiliates. e.g., if you affiliate and have events show up in other groups, you are able to determine the success of your affiliation. You can collect data within the group's admin side. On the navigation bar under the cover photo, click on "Events" and through the dropdown menu select "Referrals." Here you will be able to see the influence of your group in other groups' events.




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