Engaged Scholarship

Engaged scholarship has two many areas of focus.

Academic Service Learning (ASL/SL): Classes and courses linking classroom and community through hands-on, experiential education to transform the way students think and apply their knowledge.

The courses also do the following:

  • Promote the interrelationship of teaching, research, and service through theory, action, and reflection in response to community needs. 
  • Develop and translates academic knowledge, critical thinking, and community engagement into civic responsibility.
  • Foster mutually beneficial collaborations between the university and the community to promote positive social change.

GivePulse amplifies SL by streamlining the logistics (described further in the "Service Learning" support page). 

Community-Based Research (CBR): Research projects undertaken by faculty and students in collaboration with community organizations to respond to community-identified needs, promote civic engagement, and enrich the scholarship of the institution.

GivePulse helps amplify CBR by surfacing faculty and students skills, research and interests to match the needs of the community. 

Interested in learning more about our Engaged Scholarship Platform work? Contact us scholarship@givepulse.com


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