Roles Defined

Every group and subgroup includes the below roles and capabilities. Each role may or may not be applied to the users. Note: some may not be visible to you due to your tier and subscription and roles apply downward in a hierarchy. 

Below is an explanation of the different roles - 

Administrator (Admin): Has complete control of the group. Is able to oversee all administrative capabilities, from granting users the roles outlined here and modifying the settings of the group, adding new users and impacts, creating new events etc.,

Member: Has access to join private groups and events that are shared only within the parent group or network. For groups that want users to request for Membership, there is a group setting requiring optional custom fields/a survey to be filled out before being approved to join as a member. Until a user's membership request is approved or denied, they are called pending members.

Pending Member: Is a role defined by when the user has requested to be a member but is in a holding pattern, waiting for the admin to approve. The user will be in this state until the admin approves or denies the request for membership. When approved or denied, the user will be notified. 

Events Manager: Has access to oversee all event management abilities. This enables the event manager to create, duplicate, communicate and do everything the admin can do but only for the event(s). 

Check-in Attendant: Has the ability to only checkin or sign-in people for events.

Registrant: Is a role defined by the user having registered to an event.

Participant: Is a role defined by a user having registered and attended an event.

Donor: Is a role defined by a user having donated to your group.

Ticket Buyer: Is a role defined by a user having bought a ticket for your event.

Referral: Represents an individual who registered to an event created by another group. e.g., if there is an event you oversee, and it is promoted into another group page inside GivePulse, and an individual in this other group registers for this event, they will considered a referral.

Archived: Represents a status you might get when an administrator marks you as archived or inactivate user for their organizer.

Shift Organizer: Is a role defined by you have administrative rights to a specific shift in an event. Most likely this can mean you are the main point of contact or just admin of the shift.

Expressed Interest: Is a role given to users that have expressed interested in volunteering or being a member of a group that is currently in a mode that is "unclaimed". 

Applicant: Is a role given to users who applied to an internship. 

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