Community Needs Database

There are many instances where you want to have a portal for community partners to submit projects, needs, ideas and problems existing in the city or their own individual organization in which the hope is to find a "class", a program or a faculty member to actualize into an academic project that can be a week, an internship, a semester long project or a capstone. GivePulse has capabilities that can organize this needs match making to enable the communities projects can be submitted into a database for faculty members and staff members alike to review, coordinate and translate the problem, need or project to something students and researchers can execute on.

To begin, we recommend creating a group (or a subgroup inside your organization, let's say for example it's a university). Inside the group, navigate to "Customize" -> Events -> Turn on Event Submission. There you should be able to update the label for what you think makes the most sense for the partners submitting the projects. 

For further information or examples of how other organizations and institutions have done this, let us know how we can help



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