Community Partnerships

We provide a CRM/Database for you to track engagement and information about your community partners (CPs). 

This will help you answer the following: 

  • Are your CPs approved and agreed to the agreements, waivers and liabilities? 
  • Which CPs have attended your sessions? 
  • Which CPs are working with your Faculty?
  • Which CPs are better partners than the others?
  • Which CPs align towards the mission of the institution?
  • What programs do these CPs have? 
  • Are these the right CPs to address the needs of the community?

Additionally, your CPs are able to leverage our system to do the following for free: 

  • Post opportunities to your portal for the campus to sign up to
  • Manage and schedule students, faculty and staff to volunteer
  • Manage hours, attendance, reflections
  • Verify hours for students

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