Manage Event Roles

All events have many people serving different various roles. In GivePulse, we provide a few different roles to help make your event run smoothly. The following are the two different Event Roles: 


  • Oversees all aspects of the event settings, content, privacy
  • Mark others in specific roles
  • Cancels or deletes event

Attendant

  • Is able to see list of registrants
  • Search and Sign-In individuals

Note: There is no cap in regards to how many event Admins or Sign-In attendants there can be. 

How do I apply a role to an individual inside an event? 

  • In the case the user is not an admin or event manager for the group, they would need to be either registered to the event or manually added into the event. To add them into the event you may "Register New User," then in "Manage Users" search and mark the user the specific role in the "Actions Column."
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