Documents enable admins to upload and store PDFs, TXT, images and documents for retrieval purposes or for private and/or public consumption.

Documents may be saved and shared at a group level (i.e., members have access to this), or it can be tied directly to a user record (i.e., benefiting the admin in terms of centralizing all the data of a member).

When a document is saved and shared at a group level, each document may be shared via a message, sent or shared directly with anyone or be defined as a custom liability form, waiver or anything you believe will fit your processes. 

When a document is stored per individual record. e.g., if you scanned some files for a volunteer and you wanted to keep track of it, you may go to the specific person's record, and upload the file.

  • All files are private and tied to the user record
  • Files are only visible to admins


  • ​Update/Delete If you need to update or delete an existing document, you may do so via the documents page.
  • Public/Private Consumption: This is only for group level documents. If you have some documents you did not want to share, you may set specific documents in a private collection. The only way to share these files is by a private url that we provide to the admin. 
  • 2GB Free or 1TB(1,000 GB) for Silver and up clients: Please reference the pricing page 
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