White-Labeling allows you to replace the GivePulse brand with your own brand for a personalized look and feel. By default, our branding exists in many different locations including, but not limited to: 

  • Navigation Bar
  • Notifications
  • Messaging Emails

Below are a few examples of white-labeled groups inside GivePulse: 

(e.g., this is University of Texas at Austin's White-Labeled portal, you may also go here http://utexas.givepulse.com)


(e.g., this is Indy Do Day's White-Labeled portal, you may also go here http://indydoday.givepulse.com)


Notifications: The following notifications will have your branding

  • Welcome emails
  • When you message and communicate with your members
  • Registration emails tied to your portal

The following notifications will not have your logo and branding:

  • Insights 
  • Support Emails
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