Registration Steps

GivePulse has many capabilities for administrators to add liability waivers, custom questions like t-shirt sizes or even your phone number. In addition, administrators can require you to login before you can register, or just easily bypass login and just input an "unverified" email along with your name. There are also situations, where the administrator of the event can decide to allow the attendee to "bulk" register additional people. All of these scenarios could potentially add steps to the registration process. To provide more clarity and enable those registering to the event or opportunity, there are registration steps to guide the user and be transparent in regards to what steps are left remaining. 

Take the following examples: 

For a simple event, you will probably not see any steps. But for a semi-complex event in which you have to fill out custom fields (like t-shirt size or phone number) you will most likely see the steps shown below. 



For a more complex event requiring the user to agree to the waivers, fill out additional questions, you will most likely see the following:



For any further questions feel free to reach out to us via support. 


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