Verification, Disputes

If you are an institution, group or club where you must verify one's attendance to an event, there is a process where you may review the status of the verification and determine what steps to take to remediate a dispute (e.g., if you wanted to resend the verification). 

Note: When an impact is already verified, and then the impact is modified (i.e., the following is changed: duration of hours, or moved to another event, or a group), the impact verification is reset, and will need to be verified again by the organizer.

Note: If you happen to also be the organizer, we skip the verification step since you are the administrator. 

Resending Verification: In the case you resent the verification, we only allow you to submit a verification request every 3 days (let us know via [email protected] if we should change this to something shorter). i.e., if you make a verification request, our system will not allow you to send out another verification until 3 days from the time you sent the first verification. When verification is pending, you can see the pending icon and the timestamp as shown below:



In the case there is a dispute to a verification, you may see the below an example:

When an impact needs to be verified you will see the below with abilities to download a certificate and other capabilities:

If you have any questions or comments about verification or disputes, please feel free to contact us [email protected]


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