Impact Verification

Impact Verification is when a group or institution wants to verify outputs like the timeframe and location of the impact. e.g., if you are out in the community serving for a class, and the teacher wanted to confirm you did what you did, there are specific attributes you may need to include to allow the teacher to easily verify the time and location of your impact.

Note: The individual that verifies the impact does not need to login or have a GivePulse account to verify. 

By default this is already turned on, however, in the case you need this turned off or made completely optional you will need to tier up to the Platinum subscription so you can navigate to "Customize -> Impacts -> Global Impact Settings" and make the setting to be "Never" or off for "Verification Email Required". Note: there are additional settings. 

Impacts require verification upon creation. When impacts are verified, the individual making the impact will be notified. (for further information on impact verification workflow review this article

Below are a few administrative actions that are important to know:

Verifying: The Admin need only go to the "actions" column of their "Manage Impacts" page to verify each. 

Batch Verifying: The admin may select all (there is a selector on the far left of the page) enabling you to batch all impacts on the page and at the very bottom select "Verify All Selected". If you have Network Verified enabled, in addition to the button to verify all selected, there is an additional button to "Network verify all selected". This will verify all in a batch.

Network Verify: In most instances, there is a partner (NPO) that helps verify the attendance. However, in the case you wanted an extra layer of verification to filter out what is considered "service", the network verify will help remediate this. To enable this, go Edit Group, select "Impacts" and select "Yes" to the "Enable Network Impact Verification". 

Verification Email Required: There are situations where you would want to have your students input the contact name and information of who would be able to "verify" one's service. To ensure this happens, you can mandate every impact to include a required field for students to input the contact name and information so you may keep track of this information and follow up on your own. To enable this, first go edit the Group/Class, and inside the "Impacts" tab, there is a setting called "Verification Email Required".

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